Leilani S. Profile Thumb

Leilani S.

8 days ago

I really like it here it’s super close to down town and there about everything you need with in a <10 min distance and only 7 min from downtown which I love

Thanks for the review, Leilani!!

Lauren L. Profile Thumb

Lauren L.

1 month ago

It was definitely a solid experience, quick maintenance turnaround, close friendships, and an opportunity to find myself post college in my own place. I think that I had the opportunity to live in a really nice community.

Thanks for the review, Lauren! We are so glad you enjoyed your time with us!

Makiyah S. Profile Thumb

Makiyah S.

2 months ago

This will be my second year coming up and it was been great. Didnt have many issues with utilities or air conditioning. The maintenance people have always been nice and move with a sense or urgency.

Thanks for the review, Makiyah!

Olivia O. Profile Thumb

Olivia O.

3 months ago

I've had a great time living here! The location is great and all the amenities are really great. The staff are usually quick to respond and helpful.

Thank you for the review, Olivia!

Laura T. Profile Thumb

Laura T.

4 months ago

All been very good. The community is definitely very college based but everyone is very friendly. There is always enough parking and the maintenance is always quick to respond.

Thanks for taking the time to review our property!

Brittany W. Profile Thumb

Brittany W.

4 months ago

I enjoy the area it is placed at. Pretty close to many stores or other neat places. The price is not too bad and includes electricity and water. There are some roach problems at time, but that could happen anywhere I suppose. It is pet friendly, which is great.

Thank you for the review!!